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Waterfowl Team | Drew Elder

Simply K9 Ambassadors - 4 Years

Hunting, waterfowl, Labradors, Texas. These are the best words to describe Simply K9 Ambassador Drew Elder. Before he became a professional waterfowl guide, Drew grew up roping calves. When he is not guiding hunts, Drew is running his Feed Store business in central east Texas with his daughter and fiancé.

Drew and his team of Labradors (left-to-right) Bella, Rose, Eazy and Zro have the luxury of living and breathing the hunter's dream day in and day out.

Where are you from?

Chapel Hill, Texas

Favorite Hunting/Outdoor Memory?

I don’t really have a favorite hunting moment, I don’t pull the trigger much anymore I just sit back an enjoy what God gave me to watch, find, hunt, kill, eat. The DOGS and smiles are my WHY to be hunting nowadays! I’m just lucky I get to make a living LOVING what I do day in an day out.

Favorite Simply Equine & K9 Product(s)?

I love Peak Performance hands down! Every dog I have, takes this product. I’s keeps my old dogs moving great, even my 16 year old Lab.

"Simply K9 allows my dogs the ability to perform their best in unforgiving environments. These products have been life changing for my labs especially for my 16 year-old lab Rose that still hunts and guides clients with ease. – Drew Elder

Follow Drew & his Lab's Journey:


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