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As long as there is a heart beat, positive and negative energy is produced in the body. When analyzing the hair through a full-body analysis using a muscle response technique, weaknesses in the body’s system are detected. Through a full body work-up, all major organs, nerves, structural, and chiropractic weakness are assessed.

 When a weakness is found, it is paired with a specific, strategically selected blend of herbs, which creates balance in the body and allows the body to optimally begin the healing process.

To proceed with a hair analysis please follow directions below.

Simply Equine Natural Animal Supplements Horse Dog Hair Analytics

Purchase Hair Analysis

After Purchase

You will receive detailed instructions by email.

Note Your Order Number

 Write your Order" & Phone Number
on an envelope.


Collect Hair Samples

Follow the Instructions in Email

You will need to cut a small hair sample

from each animal you want analyzed and

package according to the detailed 

instructions from your receipt.

Mail Envelope to Simply Equine

Mail your sample(s) with order # to:


Simply Equine

8155 Highway 110 North

Tyler, Texas 75704

About Us


Heather Riley Henderson Simply Equine About

About Us

“God‘s plan.” These are the words spoken often by Heather Henderson. As she stated, “through the unknown, I held onto my faith that God‘s plan for my future was far greater than my fears.” Heather typically keeps 3 to 5 head of her own horses that she competes on. Like most people, meeting their nutritional needs was a priority, however, with so many supplements on the market it was hard to know what to give her horses. The unknown and constant question of what to supplement with led Heather to the path of creating Simply Equine.


Even though the company was created in 2009, Heather didn’t just develop this idea overnight.   She has spent the last 25 years learning about alternative methods to creating a well balanced horse by way of natural medicine, due to the physical and mental demands of equine athletes. “It was paramount that I understood how to repair, rebuild and restore the body. These concepts are essential in creating complete homeostasis, which is necessary for healthy horses and dogs.”


While learning more about how to achieve a homeostatic state, Heather also ventured into equine nutrition. Nutrition is an endless journey as the industry evolves. I make it a priority to advance my  learning and continue my education in the herbal industry, along with health and wellness.


At Simply Equine and Canine, we offer a full body analysis that covers all major organs, soft tissue, joints, and osteopathy. This takes the guess work out of the game. The science behind the analytics is to pair specific herbal blends that will help to create a balance through identifying  weakened areas.

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