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Mayce Marek

Simply Equine Team Member - 4 Years

Mayce Marek is a Texas cowgirl that dominates the Goat Tying Industry. Mayce is originally from South Texas but currently lives in Arp, Texas where she attends Texas A&M University Commerce. She is obtaining her Agribusiness degree, after college Mayce plans to pursue her Master's degree. When Mayce is not going to rodeos she is paving the way for generations to come, by hosting Goat Tying clinics to help the younger cowgirls achieve their dreams.

Where are you from?

Pleasanton, Texas

Favorite Memory of Rodeo Career?

My favorite rodeo memory is making the College National Finals Rodeo and being awarded the Walt Garrison Scholarship at the 2021 CNFR.

Favorite Simply Equine Product(s)?

My all time favorite product is Healthy Gut. Two of my other favorites are Structural Boost and Hoof Support.

How has your horse benefitted from SE?

I love Healthy Gut for the stress of hauling, competing, and those freezing temperatures my horses encounter.

"I find comfort in knowing my horses' are getting products they need. I love how Simply Equine is able to take of my horses's individual needs accordingly and separately." – Mayce Marek

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