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Becca Gilley

Simply Equine Team Member - 7 Years

Becca Gilley grew up in Minnesota and now lives in western South Dakota. She trains barrel horses for a living, focusing primarily on futurity, derby, and rodeo horses. Becca also loves training and competing in Pole Bending. She typically has about 12 horses in for training and also raise a few prospects of her own.

Where are you from?

Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Favorite Memory of Rodeo Career?

My favorite barrel racing memory would be winning one of my first buckles on my first futurity horse I trained from the beginning as a 3 year-old. JM French Tamale “Dash” won the year end amateur futurity horse. Another career highlight of mine is winning the All Around Futurity Horse at the Fizz Bomb Classic.

Favorite Simply Equine Product(s)?

Choosing a favorite product is hard simply because they all help each individual horse in different ways and I love how specific you can be with the horse hair analysis. The most used product would have to be Structural Boost.

How has your horse benefitted from SE?

I love the Breathe Ready paste and use that before every run to help prevent bleeding. Last but not least would be the 4 products Neurological Support, Digestive Balance, Immune Boost, and Worm Detox used to help for EPM. I’ve seen amazing results from these and am a firm believer.

"Using Structural Boost definitely has reduced if not eliminated injections since it helps with soft tissue recovery. This product alone has saved me many trips to the vet." – Becca Gilley

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