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Samantha Flannery

Simply Equine Team Member - 6 Years

Samantha Flannery raises and trains barrel horses on her cattle ranch in Southern Dakota. She trains and shows futurity barrel horses across the country, plus the horses are instrumental to their ranch with cattle work. Samantha also hosts clinics called "Understanding the Feel" in surrounding states. They involve helping people start their horses on the pattern, learn the basics and learn to "feel" when their horses are working correctly.

Where are you from?

Mission, South Dakota

Favorite Memory of Rodeo Career?

I've had a lot of great moments. It would be hard to pick just one. To sum up what I love, is to bring a horse up through training, solve problems, get to know them and figure out how to get them to the winner's circle. It's a frustrating process, but also SO awarding!!

Favorite Simply Equine Product(s)?

My favorite product combination is Structural Boost and Hoof Support! Those two together help keep the blood flowing through the feet. My two biggest nemeses here at the ranch are summer time flies and the cold winter temperatures. Those two products have helped pull the concussion out of the feet during the two critical times of year, keeping my horses sound and happy.

How has your horse benefitted from SE?

When I feel a problem that I can't get solved through training, I send hair off to Simply Equine! Heather has opened my eyes to small fixable problems through her herbal products and even major problems where I better go seek a vet.

"Simply Equine is so instrumental with helping me through this process. I live in middle of nowhere and vets are hours away. When I feel a problem that I can't get solved through training, I send hair off to Simply Equine!" – Samantha Flannery

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