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The Romero Sisters

Simply Equine Team Members - 8 Years

The dynamic sisters formerly known as, Sydnie and Rylie Romero are the definition of talented cowgirls. These athletes are third generation cowgirls, that live and breathe the western way of life.

Sydnie, 17, (pictured above) is a senior in high school, where she plans to attend LSU Alexandria for a business degree. She has competed in almost every rodeo event but four years ago she decided to focus solely on her Breakaway Roping career.

Rylie, 15, (pictured right) is a sophomore in high school, she competes in the Breakaway Roping and Team Roping on the head side. She also raises and shows Brahman cattle through a company called Rocking R Livestock. After highschool Rylie plans to attend Texas Christian University and then Law school.

Where are they from?

Welsh, Louisiana

Favorite Memory of Rodeo Career?

Sydnie: The most memorable moment in my rodeo career would be winning 3rd in the Breakaway Roping at RFDTV’s The American 2021! I also received the DISH Up and Comer Award for being the youngest contestant competing that year!

Rylie: My favorite rodeo memory would be winning 2nd at Junior World Finals in the 19U Breakaway as well as competing in the WCRA Cowtown Christmas Rodeo alongside my mom.

Favorite Simply Equine Product(s)?

Sydnie: My favorite product is definitely Structural Boost!

Rylie: I would have to say my favorite product has recently shifted to Healthy Gut, simply because of its multiple benefits.

How has your horse benefitted from SE?

Sydnie: These products have kept all of my horse's tendons and ligaments strengthened while enduring the wear and tear of being on the road all the time.

Rylie: We are on the road almost every weekend and sometimes for 7+ days. Healthy Gut keeps my horses drinking and safe from colic with our busy schedule.

"This company is such a blessing for us and the horses!" – Romero Sisters

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