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Opal The Aussie | Abby Ashauer

Simply K9 Ambassador | Team Ambassador - 4 Years

Abby Ashauer is an ambassador of Simply Equine and her dog Opal is an Ambassador of Simply K9. They live outside of Minneapolis. She is a District Wide School Counselor in The Ellsworth Community School District. Abby competed on the college rodeo circuit with Nifty and enjoys traveling and hiking with Opal.

Abby came upon Simply Equine and K9 when she was endlessly seeking an answer for her mare, Nifty’s unexplainable moodiness and on/off lameness. This problem presented for years and thousands of vet bills later, with no answers. A simple $25 hair sample had all the answers she was looking for.

Where are you from?

River Falls, Wisconsin

Favorite Simply Equine & K9 Product(s)?

My favorite products for Nifty are Structural Boost, Hoof Support and Digestive Balance. For my dog Opal she regularly takes BioThrive & K9 Joint Support.

How has your horse benefitted from SE & K9?

Heather helps to provide a voice for pets, thus offering a profound healing experience for them and their owners. Since then, I have been spreading the word on how transformational Simply Equine & K9 Products are.

"These products have brought life to my pets! They are full of zest, feel and move better, and are in a better mood. I will only provide the best; Simply Equine and K9! I hope you will too. Your pets will thank you!" – Abby Ashauer

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