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Jake Long

Simply Equine Team Member - 9 Years

Jake Long is many things. He is a husband, a father of two daughters and a two-million dollar cowboy. He has been to the National Finals Rodeo 12 times in the Team Roping (Heeler). Jake’s favorite movie is “Tombstone” and his Rodeo Idol is Clay O’Brien Cooper.

Where are you from?

Coffeyville, Kansas

Favorite Memory of Rodeo Career?

My favorite memory thus far is winning RODEOHOUSTON in 2022. I have been competing at RODEOHOUSTON for many years, but winning the Houston Rodeo is for sure a bucket list win! It’s very surreal and a huge blessing!

Favorite Simply Equine Product(s)?

Digestive Balance & Immune Boost

How has your horse benefitted from SE?

Being out on the road for almost 10 months of the year is hard on horses. These products have been instrumental in keeping my horses sound mentally and physically. I never leave home without my Simply Equine supplements.

"The road can be hard on my horses so I definitely keep these my favorite products on hand. " – Jake Long

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