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Meet Mac

Hear straight from our satisfied clients and their progress using Simply Equine Products!

"Mac didn't seem to be progressing on the barrels or roping like he had the talent to do. After a thorough vet assessment then hair analysis, Heather recommended some products. Always being the skeptic, I decided to order Structural Support and Immune Boost because of the success a horse expert I trust (Becca Gilley) has had with Simply Equine."

"While the improvements weren't huge at first, there was enough that I then added Digestive Balance and Hoof Support. Then the improvements started coming faster. He seemed more focused and looking forward to training instead of just putting up with it. Of course there were many factors contributing to the progress he's made the past year but the constant has been keeping him on a base routine of daily Structural, Hoof and Allergy then Digestive during competition seasons."

Sharlet Teigen Buffalo, South Dakota


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