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Herbal Revolution

Hear straight from our satisfied clients and their progress using Simply Equine Products!

"For those of you who know me are aware that I am a tiny bit crazy about the care of my horses, well let me tell you about some products that have BLOWN ME OUT OF THE WATER! I am extremely blessed to have an amazing vet and wonderful farrier who goes above and beyond to help me every step of the way, however Dillion has had his fair share of issues. Since I have owned Dillion he has had chronic loose stool, we've treated for ulcers, leaky gut, and if there is a digestive product out there, he has been on it. I was very unsure when Samantha Milligan-Flannery spoke of Simply Equine hair analysis at one of her clinics, but running out of ideas I decided to try it.

When the results came in, I was shocked! Heather from Simply Equine knew things about Dillion that no one would know, and even pointed out things I wasn't noticing, and this was all from his hair! I was so impressed and excited to try the products she recommended. The surprises did not end there though, within 48 hours of being on the supplements Dillion's stool was firmer! Along with him feeling better and looking better, he also started preforming better! His focus has improved, his ability to turn, carry him, he's more sound and is all around looking less like a colt and more like a horse. The prices are so reasonable and the customer service is amazing, Heather will answer every question you can think of and will talk to you on the phone (not some automated email with your results). I will forever be a customer!"

Jessi Hodges Omaha, Nebraska


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