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Trainer Testimonial

Hear straight from our satisfied clients and their progress using Simply Equine Products!

"I’ve been wanting to share the amazing change I’ve seen in this mare. I got her in for training late last fall and we struggled to figure out what she had going on. She would pop her tail all the time and just never seemed 100% herself. We had her completely vetted, and gave her another shot with no change. Right when I was about to say she might not make it as a barrel horse I visited with Heather Riley with Simply Equine & K9 and she came up with a supplement plan for her. I put her on it for two weeks and saw improvement. Once she felt better she started working again and was a completely different horse.

To maintain her mood and disposition, I keep her on Immune Boost, Digestive Balance, Structural Boost and Vitamin-E Oil. These products are a huge part of my program and can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for my horses.

Becca Gilley Belle Fourche, South Dakota


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